Since the establishment of photovoltaic cell technology to convert heat energy of solar rays into electrical energy, back in the 1960s, all the developed nations have invested in renewable power generation, and many of these Governments have made several incentives for the investors and private companies. With the passage of time, leading countries have gained a higher position in this sector than others because of their advanced technology and investment in its research.  Euro Solar in Australia invests on solar power systems to make Australia use clean energy. They install solar panels at competitive market prices to reduce the grid electricity usage which causes high fossil fuel usage.

Swiss Government’s Take on investment in Solar Electrical Power System


There been a tremendous increase in the demand for solar power energy in Switzerland over the past few years. Swiss nation has come to enjoy and own all the beneficial aspects of solar energy. Renewable and environment-friendly energy source has been high in demand, both in research and economy sector. The government has invested much in the research of photovoltaic cells and development of solar cell technology.
Swiss Government has always put its incentives in the renewable energy industry such as solar power, hydro and wind power. Having highly equipped technology in these sectors, Swiss Govt. is making ties with other countries such as Indonesia and India. According to a news report published in March 2016, Switzerland has shown interest to boost its solar power investment in Indonesia by building a solar cell factory. This alliance not only benefits Swiss Govt. but also Indonesia will rise as self-producing solar cells country. This would be a two-way benefit for the development of solar power industry.

Instalment of solar panels is a big hit in Switzerland. According to the report by the Swiss Solar Industry Association (Swissolar), 2% of all electricity needs of Switzerland are covered by the use of use solar energy. Largest Solar Park of Switzerland was inaugurated in 2015 by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This project was first initiated in 2009, that includes the instalment of 9000 solar panels that covers approximately 15,500 meters square area on 25 buildings. Solar energy produced from this project is about 2.2 million KW per year, and that equals to electric power consumed by 610 residential places.

So the future of solar energy production and more development in its technology is super bright in Switzerland. The Swiss Government is taking new steps further, and prestigious solar companies are taking an interest in Switzerland, and have opened their branches back in 2014.

Development of Solar Cell Technology in Russia


Solar power technology among other renewable energy resources has remained terribly underdeveloped, as Russian Government didn’t take much attention or make any investment in solar power technology. As per recent reports on renewable energy production of Russia, less than 1% of total energy production is gained by renewable energy resources. Among this solar energy, generations are rising a bit in comparison to other energy resources. That is because some part of Russia have proved to be extremely beneficial for solar power production, where average solar electric power generation can reach up to 1400kW meter square per year.

Recently, Russian Government has devised a plan to rescue distressed Crimean solar plant project from being bankrupt. These solar projects will be sold to private investors. Thus they’d be able to resume power generation. Right now, the owners of these plants are facing worst financial condition as these plants owe approximately 820 million Euros to the Russian banks.

Despite this condition, a recent report has been published by the UK and Russia-based research centre, IB Centre that forecasts somewhat brighter future of solar power development in Russia. This is because the Russian Government ought to bring environmental protection issues to the public eye after the Russian president signed 2017 as the year of Environment in Russia.

Recently Russian Government has made ties with Indian Government, according to a news report published in May 2016. With the use of its developed technologies and research in the solar sector, Russia is set to make its market in India.

Epic Solar Power Technology Development in China

china solar

China is the world’s leading country in development and application of solar electrical power technology and hoping to pave its way to the farthest height by the year 2020. According to the reports, China has about 43.2 GW of solar power capacity. Following this trend, are Germany with 38.4 GW solar capabilities and United States with 27.8 GW. And the total statistical value of the whole world’s solar capacity, which was 200 GW in 2015. In 2015, China was marked as world’s largest solar panels market, with the installation of 14 GW solar panels in the country.

As per 13th five-year plan demonstrated by Chinese Government, this trend of uprising solar technology will continue further, and will triple current capacity of solar power generation by 2020. China has put immense investment in research and development of solar energy technology. With this rate, China will be able to make more than 140 GW of solar energy by the year 2020, and world’s solar capacity will hit 321 GW at the end of this year.

With increasing incentive programs by the Chinese Government in the solar power sector, this industry generated 145.3 percent revenue in 5 years (2010-2015), that make up to $2.6 billion. Because of increased demand of electricity by residential users, traditional electrical energy producing methods became unable to meet the demands, which gave rise to power shortages. This brought a tremendous increase in the demand for solar systems. And now with Government’s exclusive five-year plans, incentives, and revenue generation, solar power technology of China is right at the top of the world.

Germany- Leading country in Renewable Energy Generation

solar germany

With record-breaking solar electricity generation and significant technological developments, Germany has become world’s leading solar superpower. More than 50 % of country’s total electricity demand is fulfilled by solar power generation (all renewable energy resources fulfil approximately 78%). Germany ranked number one in solar power generation, in the year 2014 with the production of more than half of the world’s total solar electrical power at that time.

Germany hit a new groundbreaking record on 8th May of this year, when the renewable energy production was more than required, for both commercial and residential sector. Astonishingly, Government had to pay the consumers to use this electricity as the prices took negative trend for many hours. This happened because of windy weather, and heat energy of sun was at the peak at around 1 pm that day. On the whole, Germany generated about 40.65 GW of electrical power through solar and wind power. Germany and China are going more or less at the same position for solar energy development.